Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What do you call a broken escaltor?

...Stairs.  Ha Ha

I've opened with a bit of humor to a very real issue on Metrorail.  In most cases the escaltor on Metrorail is working; God bless those engineers.  That means that the stairs don't stop moving.  They keep the flow of traffic flowing on the escalator so that there won't be any arguements, incidents, accidents and delays.

That brings me to two very important rules of Metrorail1. On the escalator you can stand on the right but you must walk on the left.  2. Once you reach the bottom of the escalator MOVE OUT OF THE WAY.  My apologies.  Let me regain my composure.

The highest traffic level on metro, as it is on the road, is during rush hour-getting to work and coming from work.  There must be a common knowlegdge of how to operate during these times.

Rule 1. On the escalator you can stand on the right but you must walk on the left:
The typical escaltor can fit two people side by side on the steps.  I get that.  But out of courtesy of people who actually have somewhere to go I ask that you and your friend stand one behind the other on the right hand side of the escalator and let the rushing passers-by walk down the escalator on the left hand side.  I realize that this may cause you to have to twist and turn to carry on your conversation but it is totally necessary to the proper flow of traffic during busy times of day.  In addition it may save you from getting cussed out by a person who is a little less saved than myself.

Rule 2. Once you reach the bottom of the escalator move out of the way.
As mentioned before, escalators, when in working condition, don't stop moving.  It's one continuous movement reminiscent of a conveyor belt.  The difference is at the bottom of an escalator you run the risk of getting caught and cut up by the sharp grooves in the stairs as they are swallowed by the machine or being toppled over by the hundreds of people trying to get down to the bottom of the escalator where you stand and make decisions on which way to turn. (that wasn't a run-on sentence was it)
Anyway, when you reach the bottom, or top for that matter, of an escalator, kindly step to the side so that the rest of us can safely maneuver off and catch our next train.  Clearly we can't catch the one that is currently sitting on the platform, doors ajar.

Following these 2 simple rules can make everyone's Metrorail experience more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more from Metro Etiquette.


  1. The tourists need a crash course on Metro Etiquette. This is the worst time of the year because the Metro is overrun by tourons who do all of the Metro Don'ts.

  2. LOL! OMG number 2...Lenfant Plaza...GET OUT OF THE DANG WAY PEOPLE...Im trying to catch those doors!!!