Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Good Afternoon Readers,

My name is Angel S. and I'm a frequent metrorail rider in the Washington, D.C./MD area.
If you too ride Metrorail then you know that there is always something to see and talk about involving D.C.'s Metrorail.  From fights and rowdy kids to lude acts and mentally unstable riders there will be a plethera of sights about which can be written.

If I may warn you in advance; a great deal of this blog may be politically incorrect and filled with truths considered social taboo and thus I suggest that there be some parental controls for young readers.  With that being said I also have some things that will be directed to the younger crowd in regard to their behavior on said Metrorail and will try to write it as unemotional and elequently as possible.

Please enjoy these posts that will be the stories of others, ideas of my own, and video (if available) of the incredible goings on of D.C.'s Metrorail.

Please post replies, suggestions, and stories of your own.

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